Issue #42…can’t believe our magazine is three and a half years old. Dan Dannenmueller, TJ Stallings and I created the first crappie on-line magazine ever not sure where the path would lead us. We hoped for great results but we also knew there would be hurdles to jump to be successful.
Possibly the biggest hurdle is getting fishermen to read an on-line magazine. Our monthly notice is the easiest way to remember but we see many of our readers prefer not to sign up, they just log in each month. We’re not sure why.
Another thing we hear is “Can’t read that on the pot.” Actually, you can read if if you choose to do so. A smartphone, I-Pad or laptop makes it easy. Yes, I too am old school and prefer a printed magazine but to print and mail a monthly magazine is prohibitive. We believe twelve free on-line issues a year is better than six issues at $15-$20 dollars.
A third hurdle is time. It takes many hours to gather content for each issue. Advertising must be sold to keep this a free publication. Computer programs, layout and other media issues are headaches and time-eaters. More hurdles.
Now the good stuff. On-line stories are much fresher than can be published in print. New products from an international trade show July 16-18 is in this issue. It will be a while before you see it in printed material. It’s the same with many of our fishing articles. We are Crappie NOW.
We’re growing fast and are excited for the future. Enjoy Issue 42.

Good Fishing & God Bless
Tim Huffman, Editor