Wow, how time flies. This year has just been a blur including shows, seminars, tournaments, writer’s camps, appearances, work and family. And soon we’ll all be enjoying the fall crappie marathon and I can’t wait.
This year has been full of so many weather contrasts. Dramatic cold, snow, wind, rain, storms and at the other spectrum, blazing hot periods, cool summer days, drought and floods. We humans don’t know how to react and the fish are feeling it too! The crappie don’t seem to know whether to go shallow, stay deep or just suspend. One day you can’t keep them off your hooks and the next you can’t seem to find them at all. Have you had those days this year? I sure have!
I think we had one of the biggest years ever for shad spawns. There is so much food for the fish that they are already stocking up and this fall should be one of the best.
I am preparing to spider rig, or tightline, both with Bobby Garland Crappie Baits and Johnson Fishing Shad Cranks. The fish will be on the creek ledges near the deeper water and as October progresses, they will move up on the flats with the big schools of shad.
I always carry along and use my color selector to dial in on the right colors. However, I believe you can’t go wrong with Monkey Milk, Glacier and Black Chartreuse in plastic color choices. As far as the new cranks, I would try a Threadfin or Classic Shad color to start and dial in depending on the colors shown with the selector.
As you catch the big ones, be sure to share them with us at CrappieNow in the monthly photo contest and possibly win a big prize!
Good luck fishing and keep in touch with us!

Dan Dannenmueller Sr., Publisher