2014 has been a great year on the road. As a writer photographer, I attended outdoor writer events in Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and New York. Each event had excellent opportunities to fish with experts. Fishermen included touring bass pros, walleye tournament anglers, guides, local experts and crappie tournament fishermen. Work is maximized by having fishermen available for photos and ones who are knowledgeable about what they are doing.
I’m also editor for Crappie Masters All American Tournament Trail Magazine so I attended five or six tournaments this year, too. I get to pre-fish with fishermen to learn and gather stories. I’m usually in a photo boat during the tournament getting action photos.
Every fisherman has a story to tell. Most have tricks and tips that are unique. After 26 years writing, I sometimes think I’ve seen it all. However, trips always reveal something new, or a twist to something old, that provides material to pass along to readers.
Crappie fishing is a common thread for fishermen, even the bass professionals. Most fishermen grew up with a dad, uncle or grandpa who took them crappie fishing. I’ve learned that bass pros enjoy crappie fishing for fun on the water without it being work. They like the ultralight side of fishing and catching something to eat.
I love the crappie fishermen crowd. Events and tournaments result in meeting great people and visiting with many of the friends I’ve made during the years. It’s special to be a part of this group.

Good fishin’ & God Bless,
Tim Huffman, editor