If you are a CrappieNow reader you should know we have an elite group of outdoor writers. They are gifted writers and photographers, with fishing skills, and a desire to help you catch fish.
Along with humor, Keith Sutton has a special ability to bring a person’s character to life and a deep feeling into the hearts of readers. Jeff Samsel mixes a wide range of experience into varied, interesting fishing subjects and people. Ron Presley brings fresh ideas and information with Florida being his home territory. John Neporadney discusses the ins-and-outs of boat rigging.
Two true Yankees in the group are Darl Black and Vic Attardo. Darl is very experienced and brings in-depth destination articles, ice fishing and more with most having a heavy northern tone. Vic is another northern expert with a gift (or curse) of a wide vocabulary, old-time sayings and funny sayings he makes up.
Vernon Summerlin is a good fisherman in the middle Tennessee area but also enjoys his gardening, food history and cooking. He surprises us with origins, historical truths and myths, humor and other crazy stuff we don’t expect, along with his mouth-watering recipes.
I’m thankful for many blessings during 2014 and go into next year hoping our see our morals and world problems, including world economy, trending upward, not getting worse. My wish is for you to have a great 2015 filled with many crappie on the end of your line and most importantly, health, happiness and contentment.

Good fishin’ & God Bless,
Tim Huffman, Editor