CrappieNow Online Magazine, your virtual Crappie Resource, features our Top-10 issue this month. One focus is upon the top ten crappie products for 2015. I am excited by all the new and enhanced products that have, or will soon, reach crappie fisherpersons everywhere. Keeping the product list to just 10 was extremely difficult.
Vendor attention on the needs of all levels of Crappie Fishing is definitely increasing. During the 2014 ICAST, the world’s largest sport fishing trade show, we were pleasantly surprised at all the Crappie products showcased for the 2015 fishing year. During discussions with new and old fishing tackle companies, they highlighted even more products slated for 2016 and beyond.
Whether you fish from a small aluminum boat, kayak, a large boat, waders, or the shoreline, there are products designed to meet your needs. Varying techniques such as one-pole jigging, corking, casting, spider rigging or trolling now have product lines to meet your needs. All levels of expertise have also been addressed to cover the beginner to the pro, young to old.
There is also attention with accessories and clothing. Live bait management, tools, rod holders and storage, leader storage, weighting scales, fish attractants, etc. are all either being improved or capabilities added.
The fishing industries’ attention on the crappie fisherperson is well over due and we at CrappieNow will do our part to keep this attention growing into the future!
Lets go catch some crappie!

God Bless,
Dan Dannenmueller, Publisher