There’s a groundhog in serious need of assassination. That’s just my personal view and does not reflect the opinion of this magazine. At the time of this writing here in southeast Missouri, we are receiving a late season, February blast. Bone-chilling wind, single digit temperatures much below normal and they are mixed with ice and snow. These are not welcomed. If eliminating a weather-predicting groundhog will solve the problem…just a thought.
2015 should be a good year for crappie fishering. Except for scattered problem lakes, most reports include good crappie catches and predictions this year. An early example is the quality, big fish being caught right now in Florida.
The cover photo this issue is Stacy Pugh, who loves field testing products for Stubby Steve’s although her real job with them includes customer relations and website design/maintenance. ( The company is becoming more popular as a quality attractant although it’s actually more of a fish food. As a fisherman I like the rubbery characteristic that makes it stays on the hook for a long, long time.
Articles this issue include details of the pre-spawn, spawn and post-spawn periods. Whether you live in the south, north or somewhere in between. Each period is vastly different so we give tips and tactics for recognizing and fishing each one. We also have other articles, tips and a special piece called ‘The Pole’.
We take pride in offering what we believe is the best crappie magazine available, we do it monthly, and we do it for free. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great year of crappie fishing. Now, if I can find the groundhog responsible for this heavy snow and single-digit temps.

Good fishin’ & God Bless,
Tim Huffman, Editor