I was privileged to give a speech at a football banquet in honor of two football dynasty teams from the small town of Piggott, Arkansas. An early 60’s team racked up undefeated seasons. Four players from those teams were recruited by the Arkansas Razorbacks. One player got injured, one got love sick and went home, and two more started for the Razorbacks. Tommy Dickson was later drafted by the Buffalo Bills. Gary Adams was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles and played a few years with them. Not bad from a town of less than 3000 people.
I played in the late 60’s at Piggott. Our three-year regular season records were 10-1, 10-2 and 9-1. For a few of us who moved up late-season as freshmen, our high school record was 32-4.
What does this have to do with fishing? Actually there are a lot of similarities in sports when it comes to being successful. The first is the desire to succeed. Whether succeeding means catching a few fish for supper or winning a national tournament, the desire must be there. If you don’t try you’ll likely not succeed.
Hard work is a key element in all sports. Few things come easy. Consistency requires hard work, time, dedication and knowledge learned from experience. The list of characteristics goes on and on.
The end of my speech was directed to the current high school players. However, I believe it is also relevant to all of us. “Don’t live in yesterday. You can’t take back the bad decisions, mistakes and things you’ve said. Don’t just live in tomorrow’s dreams. You can’t control or predict the future. Health, financial situations, and relationships change. All you have is today. Live it hard and live it wisely. If you have things to tell people, things you want to accomplish, changes in your life you want to make, don’t wait. Today is all you’re guaranteed so now is the time to become who and what you want to be.”

Good fishin’ & God Bless,