Tim HuffmanThe first half of the year will be remembered for floods and high water. And, it’s not over. Today in late July a strong front is dumping rain in much of the country…again. I crossed the Mississippi River yesterday to see an ugly, high river that is still out in fields. The fields should be green and beautiful with crops. Our fishing has been altered but that means nothing compared to the many farmers who are in serious trouble.
Hot weather has joined us with triple digit heat index numbers. Everyone should be cautious when heading out on the water because of reflected heat along with the direct, hot sunlight. Fluids and sun protection are critical.
CrappieNow was in attendance at Orlando, Florida, where the fishing industry gathered to display their latest products. Wholesalers and media attended for the purpose of seeing new products offered by companies. Our goals were to find items fishermen need and want. New products are always the highlight including the opportunity for vendors to compete for the best new products of the year. We have a winner highlight article this issue and will have more on new products in upcoming issues of CrappieNow.
Perks are a fun part of the writing business. A TTI-Blakemore and BnM Pole dinner allowed a few writers, television and radio media to dine with owners, pro staff and other guests. Bass professional Randy Howell, a few of the Duck Commanders, and Jimmy Houston were among those in a attendance.

Jimmy Houston, Tim HuffmanJeanne Huffman, Jimmy Houston and Tim Huffman at the Blakemore-BnM evening dinner in Orlando Florida.

Stay safe, good fishin’ and God Bless,
Tim Huffman, Editor