Jeanne Huffman and Missouri Speaker of the House, Todd Richardson.My wife retired exactly one month ago, but more on her later. Right now I’m worried about me. The implications are starting to soak in. Since her retirement I’ve yet to wet a hook. This is mainly due to a move to central Arkansas. I’m in boxes up to the ceiling. However, we all know there is no good excuse for not fishing.
When we both worked we had a lot of time apart. Not now. I’m thinking it would be very exciting for her to pursue a new job in whatever field of work she chooses. A great new work adventure sounds fun and rejuvenating! I’ve also noticed the honey-do list expanding, too. Not good.
Okay, a little more about her. Jeanne retired the end of August as a Drug Court Administrator for the State of Missouri. During the past few years she served on the state board of Missouri Association of Drug Court Professionals, received the first Unsung Hero Award from MADCP, and was Poplar Bluff Community Resource Council Person of the Year. Most recently, to recognize her retirement, she received a Resolution from Missouri House of Representatives presented to her by Speaker of the House, Todd Richardson.
So what does this have to do with CrappieNow? Absolutely nothing. But the good news is you have a great issue of crappie-catching goodies you’re going to love. Included are how-to articles by Jeff Samsel, Ron Presley, Terry Madewell and others. You’ll learn from experts who spend a lot time on the water.
Thank you for joining us. Please excuse me while I install a new bird feeder near the patio and move the dresser in the bedroom over three inches to left, immediately after hanging a picture in the dining room.

Good fishin’ & God Bless,
Tim Huffman, Sr. Writer/Editor