Have I mentioned how much I enjoy writing for ya’ll? If you are in the north substitute ‘you guys’, or ‘yous guys’ for ‘ya’ll’. Even though you talk funny up north, I enjoy writing for you, too.
People often make a terrible mistake about me. Because I write about catching crappie all the time they think I’m an expert. I have interviewed and fished with many of the best fishermen in the country so I do have a knowledge of the sport.
The truth is I can catch a few crappie but the really good fishermen are the ones who spend more time on the water than I do. Local fishermen are great on their home waters, tournament fishermen great on new waters and chasing big fish, while guides are good at their job of producing numbers of crappie.
I have the opportunity to fish with each of these groups of fishermen so by osmosis, I do absorb some of their knowledge. I drill them with many questions and pay close attention to how they fish. That’s why I’m able to pass fish-catching information to you. Am I as good as these fishermen? Seldom. I seem to spend too many hours behind the camera and computer so putting all of the knowledge into practical use isn’t to the level it should be. This year I plan to work on this problem.
This issue of CrappieNow covers everything from fishing in Florida to ice fishing up north. Are there subjects we are not covering you want to see in the magazine? Let us know. We want to hear from you.
Thanks for reading CrappieNow and thanks for allowing me to write for you.

Good fishin’ & God Bless,
Tim Huffman, editor/sr. writer