Spring is in the air for sure! March in the south signals the change from bare trees, no flowers and the cold to greener colors and warmer temperatures. Everything in nature awaits the warmer temperatures, including crappie. Rising temperatures, more sunlight, and longer daylight hours brings everything to life. As water temperatures rise into the fifties, crappie move out of the depths where they have lived during the harsh winter conditions.
Recently, I conducted many crappie seminars. I described and showed new techniques to catch crappie, especially steps for locating them during varying conditions. Specifically, many wanted to know what the crappie do during the prespawn, spawn and post spawn.
In this edition of Crappie Now, our writers discuss these techniques along with the equipment and tackle to help catch these rejuvenated fish that seek to eat, and spawn new offspring for the future.
Crappie Now is also offering a new way this spring for you to obtain a history of techniques. During March, we will be archiving each of the first four years of Crappie Now (2011,12, 13,and 14) onto thumb drives and selling each year’s editions, twelve (12) per year, for a very low cost of $9.99 plus handling and shipping. Then, in January 2017 we will offer all editions for 2015 at that same low price.
Crappie Now is in its sixth year of publishing. We began publishing it in 2011. Our model has been and will remain to publish free monthly crappie how-to content to anyone who wants to learn more about crappie fishing. Each month is written specific to the crappie fishing techniques for that month and season. All content for the current and one previous year will remain free.
Please watch for the offering and how to pay for the archived digital library on our Face Book page, constant contact blasts and website.
Enjoy catching some fresh fillets in March and know we will enjoy seeing you as we travel the country.

God Bless,
Dan Dannenmueller, Publisher