Opening Cast

Tim HuffmanLast month I was working the Crappie Masters tournament on the Alabama River. A media/fisherman event followed. Therefore, I got to spend some time on the water even though most of it was with a camera or recorder in my hand. The moss on the trees there create a mood, the river offers a wide variety of fishing situations, and there is great southern hospitality in the area. It makes the Alabama River a great go-to destination. You’ll see a few photo sections and articles from the trip in this issue.

            Summer is quickly approaching with the far northern lakes being in spawn or post-spawn. Fishermen in the southern and middle states are seeing crappie move into summer patterns. More stable weather patterns can produce consistent crappie catching. I’m looking forward to getting in on some June fishing. I’ll let you know how that works out.

            Writer Darl Black has a great article this month about how to apply tournament tips and tricks to your fishing to catch more fish. There’s nothing fancy or complicated, just straight-forward tips. The Q&A session covers the same subject with the Crappie Masters staff getting a shot at sharing good tips.

            Another article discusses how to night fish. When the temperatures begin to sore it’s a good way to beat the heat. Plus, if you are on the right lake and the right spot, catching can be as good or better than any other time. It’s a good way for buddies or a family to share a boat, relax and catch crappie.

            When a magazine is full of good, exciting stuff it’s fun to produce. Hope you enjoy and pick up a few fish-catching tips.

Good fishin’ & God Bless,

Tim Huffman, Sr. Writer/Editor