Opening Cast

Dan DannenmuellerHard to believe that July is here and the majority of the United States’ crappie have already spawned.  This brings on a new wave of fishing the post-spawn crappie.  Fishing for this wonderful fighter and great food fish doesn’t end with the spawn.  The techniques to catch them change.

Fish must eat regularly like men and women to sustain life.  After the spawn, the crappies’ urges to eat accelerates to compensate for the rigors of spawning and to prepare for the next cycle of life.  This requires them to pursue their food, mainly shad and minnows, in open, deeper water.  Days after the spawn, crappie will school up and herd schools of their food.  Feeding sprees can last for minutes or hours depending upon the weather, water conditions, moon phases, current and stability within each.

Post spawn can be a very productive time but fishermen must go to the fish that are mainly in open water, on ledges and on flats where the food is.  The most productive techniques include: spider rigging, pulling and pulling Offshore Planner Boards.

Using your electronics to show the depths and areas the fish are located in, you then push and pull baits at or above those depths.  The baits of choice normally include Bobby Garland and Roadrunner jigs tipped with my favorites; Bobby Garland StrollRs; Johnson Fishing Shad crankbaits; small Rat L Traps; and Johnson Fishing Thin Fishers.  These baits allow you to fish large areas quickly as the fish will be widely scattered.  The tactics can last all summer.

As the academic schools take a break be sure to take a child fishing and catch some crappies.  Beautiful warm weather and good fishing can mean a lifetime of memories.

God Bless and Good Fishing,

Dan Dannenmueller, Publisher