Opening Cast

Tim HuffmanFriends are icing on the cake.

My two best friends, Bert and James, and I started hunting together 39 years ago. Our companionship started in our twenties. We were all just out of school, financially challenged and married. Arkansas had started their primitive weapon hunting so it gave us a chance to hunt public land without worrying about crowds of other hunters. Thus, 1978 was our first camping/hunting adventure. Since that time, we’ve arrived at camp with bad backs, broken ankles and a variety of other ailments. Only two hunts out of thirty-nine did a buddy miss.

We’ve had many adventures and misadventures. We pride ourselves in not making mistakes twice so we compensate by trying to make every mistake once. Our worst moments have been cold, rainy nights. Sleeping on a tent floor with a couple of inches of water doesn’t make for a fun night. We watched a tent roll down the hill like a tumbleweed during a storm.We’ve had equally bad hunting stories but most are too embarrassing to tell.

Our highlights have always been in camp. Our dads have all came with us. All of our kids came to camp. Now they are all grown with kids of their own. Stories, tall tales and the general stuff that happens when everyone is together are where the best memories were made.

Our families have enjoyed more fun times than I can remember. We’ve also buried parents and relatives, gone through illnesses and bad times together. That’s what friends do.

Most of you crappie fishermen reading this now have relatives and friends that you cherish…those who are icing on the cake of life. Maybe they share a boat with you or maybe not. But they make you smile, laugh and make life more enjoyable.

Here’s to great friends and memories.

Good fishin’ & God Bless,

Tim Huffman, Editor