Opening Cast

Tim Huffman  This is issue #71 of CrappieNow…and they said we would never make it as a digital online magazine. To tell you the truth, being an old-timer who enjoys having a paper magazine in my hand, I wasn’t sure either. What I did see was magazines and newspapers going away, and the trend to online. I wanted to be part of the group who pioneered the first and best digital crappie magazine.

Being a free magazine, we are driven by advertising. The advertisers pay the bills so we are thankful for their support. They are the critical link. And thanks to fishing experts who give their time for interviews and photos. Thanks to you and all readers who are an obvious necessity because without you there would be no reason to do the work we do. Thanks to our writers who provide years of experience and talent. And to the CrappieNow team who sell advertising, do layout and take care of all the everyday business of the publication.

Issue #71 covers basic fishing, tips, tactics and other fishy stuff.  We also continue a series on national tournaments. Even if you never fish a tournament, the fishermen who compete have an impact on new equipment and they have in-depth fishing information that can help you catch more fish. Tournament history, theories of competition, trends and direct input from those involved give insight to what has happened along with the future.

I hope the holiday season was a good one for you and your family. May the New Year bring health, happiness and many livewells full of fat crappie.


Good fishin’ and God Bless,

Tim Huffman, Editor