Opening Cast

Dan DannenmuellerThe spring of 2017 has been anything but normal. The weather and crappie fishing have been unpredictable. We’ve seen early warm weather but late snows. We’ve had winter temperatures in May even as far south as Montgomery, Alabama. We have had massive floods, drought, snow, tornados, hail and high winds.

All of the weather has been difficult for me to adjust to but the crappie have had trouble, too. They don’t know whether to spawn, not spawn, go to a winter pattern or summer pattern. Sometimes they do nothing at all. I can’t wait to see what June brings but it should be better.

A good example of weather changing crappie was in a recent tournament on my home waters, the Alabama River. We experienced temperatures one day in the eighties and the next day it dropped into the forties before the day was over. Water temperatures dropped eight degrees within 24 hours. Heavy rains created hefty currents and dinged the waters. Crappie hate changes in any condition and all of these really pushed them tight to structure, trees, brush piles, etc. They would not move to eat anything. You had to put the bait right where they were located to get them to bite, if they would at all.

As June arrives, weather conditions and crappie fishing should be spectacular. Post-spawn crappie should be very hungry so be ready to have some fun.


God Bless,

Dan Dannenmueller Sr.