Opening Cast

Tim HuffmanWasn’t August nice? During the first two weeks we got a great break with some of the coolest weather in recent history. Mother Nature sending some cold fronts our way was a welcome relief.

Talking with fishermen last month revealed some interesting but not surprising facts. First, cold fronts that brought heavy rains messed up some of the waters with mud and debris. Fishing went to zero for a while but fish have to eat so they adjusted to conditions and the bite gradually improved. Two, the fronts themselves slowed fishing a little but so many fish were deep it was nothing like spring cold front lock-jaw. Three, maybe the most important fact was that in many places the cooling water temperatures moved fish that were being caught in 12 to 15 feet up to 4  to 8 feet, sometimes shallower, but they were still biting. On some waters the fish scattered.

Experience makes us better fishermen. Remembering what crappie do during these periods allow us to better solve the puzzle the next time summer fishing includes barometric pressure changes, temperature drops, bad lake and river conditions or all of the above. Keeping an open mind mixed with knowledge increases fishing success. Any time of the year, take note of your home water during changing conditions so it will be easier to solve when similar situations occur again.

Thank you for joining us. We appreciate our readers and sponsors who allow us to continue bringing CrappieNow each month.


Fishing is fun…catching is icing on the cake,

Good fishin’ & God Bless,

Tim Huffman, Editor