Opening Cast

Tim HuffmanA serious time of year has arrived for sports enthusiast. NFL football; baseball world series. College football teams are getting into final playoff positions hoping to make the final four bracket to fight for a national championship. (For me, a Razorback fan, the season has been painful to watch.)

High school football is different. My wife, me, and 32,000 other fans watched our home team Bryant, Arkansas, in the Bryant-Benton opener played in Little Rock’s War Memorial Stadium. Being in the largest state classification and 7-0 when this is being written, they are fun to watch.

Now there is deer season, and all the other hunting seasons that many of us look forward to every year. Oh yeah, don’t forget great crappie fishing too.

Many national qualifier crappie tournaments were fished this year in the big three national circuits: Crappie Masters, American Crappie Trail and Crappie USA. Classic events are being completed with many great fishing teams having battled each other for bragging rights, trophies and good prizes and/or money. The Classics are the Super Bowl and World Series of crappie fishing.

What this means for readers is more information on how to catch fish. Every crappie fisherman can get better by learning what the experts did to win, and what they didn’t do that caused them to fail. Every story has a fishing lesson.

We will share as many stories as possible in CrappieNow including a feature story on each major classic. Fishermen can join in on the action next year by fishing one of the major events, or, by fishing local club tournaments to gain experience and work your way up the ladder. Or, just read about them here to improve your recreational fishing. No matter your choice, stay in tune by reading CrappieNow every month and tell your friends about the magazine to help us grow. We appreciate you.


Good fishin’ & God Bless,

Tim Huffman, Editor/Sr Writer