Opening Cast

Tim HuffmanThe college national football championship, Super Bowl, and sports shows makes this a great time of year, at least for football fans and crappie fishermen.

A lot of other things are going on during the next two months, too, including the start of national crappie tournaments in the far southern states. These tournaments allow snowbirds, local fishermen and serious traveling fishermen to get an early start on active crappie. The weather is typically warm and tuning in on hungry crappie is great fun.

Sports shows are a great way to see new products and learn more about catching crappie. CrappieNow publisher/fisherman Dan Dannenmueller will be doing seminars Feb 2-3 at Prattville Bass Pro Crappie Madness and at Airport Marine Boat Show; Feb 9-10 Crappie Madness-Spanish Fort; and Feb 15-19 Toronto Fishing Show.

A bucket-list show that every fisherman should attend is the Grizzly Jig Show, Jan 24-28, Caruthersville, MO. This show features free seminars from many of the great crappie experts around the country. You can talk to the experts one-on-one on the floor to ask whatever you want about fishing or products. There is no other place with so much crappie information, crappie equipment and tackle all in one spot. Check out

Have a great 2018. May health, happiness and good crappie fishing come your way.


Good fishin’ & God Bless,