Opening Cast

Dan DannenmuellerA new year is here and I am very excited to witness all the great fishing opportunities it will bring!  A few of my goals for the year include reaching more of you through our digital presence to share information, techniques and issues impacting our fishing community.

Recently, I attended the National Professional Anglers Association annual conference in Wisconsin.  Both Kevin Van Dam and Al Lindner headlined the conference speakers list and they gave profound presentations targeting the correct actions of a Professional Fisherman and the industry supporting it.

I highly recommend that any fisher person who desires to become a professional fisherman join the NPAA.   Membership brings opportunities to watch and read about what is expected, how to work with sponsors, write an appropriate bio and proposal for sponsorships, etc.  Just fishing national tournaments does not define a person as a professional.  Fishing is the same as any other profession, to become a professional requires lots of work, ability to market/promote products and of course perform in the sport.

I believe that our crappie fishing population deserves the same priorities, recognition, funding and educational opportunities as any other.  It is at the core of our national heritage, belief systems and rights.  Crappie fishing embraces not only professionals but mainly family events and fun!  It brings stress relief, accomplishment, the joy of the outdoors and memories to last a lifetime.

With this in mind, I have asked our editor, Tim Huffman, to work with me on not only helping you with the best how-to information but also to expand our kids focus in our digital zine.


God Bless and Good Fishing!

Dan Dannenmueller, Publisher