Opening Cast

Dan DannenmuellerWhile I travel across our beautiful country, and to our neighbors in Canada, the one common denominator among people is our love for the outdoors. No matter background, heritage, income status, trade, etc., the outdoors is something everyone experiences, along with the desire to do more. Fishing is a major part of this outdoors experience.

I travel with amateur-pros and pros. I meet people during shows, seminars, events, hotels and in parking lots. Without exception, they all want to learn more on how to be successful catching fish and helping their children and grandchildren catch fish. I love hearing about their experiences and getting to help them explore ways to help their youngsters catch fish.

Kayaks and small-water boats are available at a fraction of the cost without the major expense of a high-dollar boat and motor. Manufacturers are producing products relating to these smaller boats to open the experience up to everyone.

Having this option is necessary, as many lakes and rivers in our nation are not accessible from shore, especially the better spots to fish. I am asked where they can fish from shore on our Alabama and Coosa rivers, but there are very few options.

Many seasoned companies and new small businesses are now producing products tailored to families and children. Most of these products are very easy to use and they take the guesswork out of trying to decide on the right line, hooks, corks, etc.

Along with our continued tips for all expertise levels, CrappieNow will strive to put key information and how-to tips into the hands of parents and grandparents. Also, we will be a part of the movements for not-for-profits that are focused on children and families including those sponsored by the NPAA, Alabama Wildlife Foundation, Kids Fishing and Education and others.

If you are an experienced crappie angler, I challenge you to be part of this movement. You can reduce your stress by enjoying the beautiful outdoors and crappie fishing while providing a rewarding experience for a youngster.


God Bless,

Dan Dannenmueller Sr.