Opening Cast

Tim Huffman  The greatest news is that the dog-days of summer are about gone. The heat came early and was terrible here in the heart-land through July and part of August. Fish were half-boiled when they got to the top of the water. The good news is that fishing, hunting and fall colors are headed our way.

CrappieNow has a variety of articles this month. One focuses upon George Toalson, a lure designer with Bobby Garland/Gene Larew. He discusses the monkey milk color and gives us tips for fall crappie fishing.

Ron Wong was at the industry ICAST show in Florida. He gives us the scoop on the newest items for the crappie fisherman.

The invasive Asian carp will not go away. The War On Carp Coalition is pushing for more money for the central region of the country and they have a plan. The carp have taken over and is ruining many of our great fishing waters, along with being dangerous to all boaters. Look for our article and how you can help.

Many tips and tournament results can be found this month, just like every month. You’ll see a lot about tournament fishermen in our magazine because they are a great source for product information, lake strategies and fish-catching. There are many excellent fishermen who do not fish competitively, but tournament fishermen are usually more experienced at fishing different type waters, in various water and weather conditions, and different parts of the country.

I’m proud to be a part of a magazine that brings news to you, the crappie fishermen. We have articles each month geared for enjoyment and helping you catch more fish. We also cover conservation issue and encourage family fishing.


Good fishin’ & God Bless,

Tim Huffman, Editor/Sr. Writer