Opening Cast

Dan DannenmuellerThe fall season is upon us and the crappie bite is in full swing.  I love this time of year.  One can catch them shallow, over deep water and on brush piles and laydowns.

The fall season prompts the crappie to feed on the maturing minnows and shad, fattening up for the winter.  They stay with the shad wherever they roam in the lake or river.  Typically, the shad feed near the surface, around structures in the water…anywhere the zooplankton are prominent.

Many different techniques will work, such as spider rigging, pulling crankbaits and jigs, shooting docks, vertical one-pole jigging and casting.  This pattern begins after the first or second major cool down.  Unbelievable for 2018, we have gotten our first cool down in late August.  I believe this will prolong catching these tasty treats.

I like to use Road Runners with a Bobby Garland plastic in the appropriate color smothered in this company’s shad scent and if necessary tipped with a minnow.  The style I like is the new Slab Hunt’R Minnow and the Pile Diver.  When in doubt of the correct color, use the Monkey Milk or Glacier colors.  I like to use a contrasting color for the heads such as chartreuse and white, Orange or blue and white all with a gold blade.

Lastly, fall fishing is normally a quiet time on the water as most fishermen also hunt and they are in the woods.  Also, as the water cools, water sports subside and quiet, waters lead to awesome fishing days, even on the weekends.  God’s creations burst forth all around you.


Always remember to take a kid fishing!

God Bless and Good Fishing,

Dan Dannenmueller, CrappieNow Publisher