Opening Cast

Dan DannenmuellerCan you believe a whole year has almost passed by again! In a recent sports radio show, I was asked two things. First, what I’ve seen changing in media techniques to reach the crappie angler. And two, is our crappie fishing sport growing? The following are a few of my thoughts.

Concerning the media, it is changing as rapidly as our cell phones. We are running to reach not only the savvy, seasoned crappie pro but also the novice of all age groups. This means many varying methods of communication but follows what we at CrappieNow envisioned when we started the ezine.

While we continue to publish an online monthly ezine on the web, we also publish via social media on all platforms. To say that this stretches our resources is an understatement. Every social media platform reaches a different demographic and many times multiple demographics within each platform.

What we post to each and when is just as important. We want you to have relevant how-to material, no infomercials. Our videos, pictures, articles, etc. are trying to show all crappie fishermen, women and children how to effectively catch crappie.

Secondly, the sport is growing leaps and bounds by every standard. Dollars spent, product developed, shows, tournament availability at national and regional levels, content developed, hours fished, etc. New products are now developed with the crappie fisherman in mind. This includes the seasoned crappie companies like Bobby Garland, BnM Poles along with big companies including Garmin, Yamaha and Ranger Boats. New companies like Jenko, H&H, Foxy Fishing, Rod Sox, Pro Built and many more are moving major products to crappie fishermen.

Tournament participation numbers are up. State DNRs are recording more hours spent fishing for crappie. TV crappie shows are more prominent. Social media videos, live feeds, blogs, etc. are expanding and pushing content to you, the viewer and reader.

We at CrappieNow want to give you just-in-time targeted content via all methods. Please support our efforts by liking and sharing our social media posts and log in FREE to read our monthly magazine at


Merry Christmas and God Bless you and your family,

Dan Dannenmueller, Publisher