Charlie Campbell, Tennessee. “It’s a good time to troll crankbaits with my favorites being the Bandit 200-series in pink sparkle, sparkle minnow and firetiger. The great thing about trolling is finding good spots holding fish that can be marked with electronics to go back and fish using a jig. A fisherman can pick up crappie that trolling might miss.”

Rodney Brown, Kentucky. “The fish are ganging up on stake beds and channels. They bite good until it gets real hot. At that time they’ll move to deep beds. Slow trolling and vertical jigging both work but I prefer jigging. Some of my favorite colors are red, chartreuse, and white or any combination of the three. Minnows are good any time.”

Larry Woody, Tennessee. “For me it’s all about the tube jig and I stick with it year round. In June here some of the crappie may still be shallow but most are in the middle depths. Later I’ll look for deeper ledges. I’m old school and still prefer casting just because it’s so much fun. And if I can do it anybody can do it. My best color lately has been blue with clear sparkle.”