Q&A What type knot do you use and why?

Kyle SchoenherrKyle Schoenherr, Illinios. “I tie a loop knot especially with double-jig rigs. This allows me to cut the bottom hook off when in shallow water. I don’t have to retie everything. Then all I have to do is go above the one jig and tie on another one with another loop knot and I’m double-jigging again.”
Mike McClure, Missouri. “I use a Palomar knot because it’s so strong. I use it on everything whether crappie fishing or catfishing. For crappie, I use 10-pound test braid with a 2 to 4 pound diameter. I don’t worry about the knot position on the jig head because I believe it’s all about the presentation.”
Bobby Whitlow, Virgina. “I use both the loop knot and Palomar. The loop knot lets my jig run freely so it has more action. Sometimes that makes a difference and sometimes it doesn’t. I use P-Line, 4-pound test some, beef up to 10-pound test when at Grenada, but most of the time I’m using 6-pound test.”
Jack Lindon, Illinios. “I use a fisherman’s knot most of the time. Take three to five wraps then take it back through the loop and snug it up. I like it because you can angle the jig. I pull the knot toward the hook point so my jig will rest horizontal. I use Sufix 20-pound test braid with about 8-pound test diameter.”
Gilford Sipes, Alabama. “I use a loop knot a lot. I run the line through the lure leaving a long tag line. Make an overhand knot running the lure through the loop two times. You then have a loop knot about an inch front the jig. The jig has more action.”