Q&A  What knot do you use?

Charlie Hildreth, IN, tournament fisherman. “Standard fisherman’s knot, run through and twist it eight times. Run through and through again. It’s good for 90-percent of my knots.”


Steve Coleman, TN, guide and tournament fisherman. “I use a Trilene knot. It’s easy, no stretch and is a straight pull on the hook. Always wet the line before tightening the knot.”


Russ Bailey, IN, host of Brushpile Fishing TV. “I like the Palomar. I learned it as a kid and it has always worked for me.”


Jim Westerberg, AR, tournament fisherman. “On our jigs we use a double overhand loop knot. The loop knot is fast and easy to tie and it keeps the jig floating in-line so it’s setting more straight like a minnow.”


Mark Sheppard, KY, tournament fisherman. “Palomar knot. It’s a strong knot and a 53 year old can see to tie it. It’s an everything knot.”

Jeff Davis, AR, tournament fisherman. “I use a simple Palomar knot for hooks. With jigs I use a loop knot so the jig sets level.”


Mike Friend, MO, tournament fisherman. “I use a Palomar knot all the time. I use braid so that’s the only one I’ve found that’s dependable on that line.”