Q&A Why do you like one-pole fishing?

Brandon JenningsBrandon Jennings, LA, tournament fisherman. “Single-pole fishing is how I learned. It’s about feeling the bite. When he hits I’m going to put a crick in his neck. Single-pole is about the addiction to the thump that you can’t feel in the rodholder.”


Charles Bunting, MO. tournament fisherman. “The thump. When you feel every fish you catch, feel the fish suck it in. It’s an easy technique and the thump is everything.”


Greg Mathenia, KY Lake. tournament fisherman. “I single-pole fish a lot and it’s my favorite technique. I learned about 20 years ago fishing with my father-in-law. Spider rigging wasn’t popular then. I have the 360 and can find the beds and stakes and just to up there and catch fish.”


David Townsend, MO, tournament fisherman. “I single-pole with artificial baits only and it’s just more of a fun challenge than using natural baits. I love the thump. I love the feel of a fish trying to rip the rod out of my hand and destroy the bait. There is no other technique that gives the adrenaline of the thump.”


Josh Gowan, MO, tournament fisherman, winner of 2017 A.C.T. D’Arbonne tournament, owner of Prefish Gear for crappie fishermen. “The thump is obviously fun when single-pole fishing, but even when the fish are hitting light, the idea of one-on-one combat is good. You are going into a fish’s home. Especially when the crappie are not active, you are dropping something down on top of his head and it’s something between you and him. The challenge is awesome: when the bite is tough, you can’t see them suck it in, it’s hard to set the hook because limbs are overhead and you’ve got the pole stuck in as far as you can get it, that’s the ultimate challenge.”