Q&A Will LiveScope change crappie fishing? Asked on the tournament trail.

Brad Calhoun, a guide in Mississippi, says, “I’ve been talking to a lot of people who have it and I’m sure we’ll have to add it to our boat, too. From what I’ve learned, it’s not for fast techniques but will be very good for jigging on lakes like D’Arbonne, Truman, Lake Fork and Ross Barnett.”

            Steve Perotti, 5th place in the recent ACA Championship, says, “It will change crappie fishing and actually it already has changed it. Last week I was fishing with a guy using it. We saw four fish up toward the bank. I pitched in and caught one. I released it and we watched it swim back to the exact same place with the other three fish. It will be a great learning tool, too.”

            George Parker, Florida guide and tournament fisherman, says, “I’ve only had it for a month so I’m still learning. But, it’s awesome. You see a fish, drop down to it and catch it. There’s no doubt it has and will continue to change crappie fishing. It’s not for everything, like fast trolling, and you have to be careful if using it for slow trolling because the outside poles can be outside the cone angle. You have to make sure you’re watching pole tips and not just the graph.”    

            Matt Morgan, ACA owner, says, “I’m so tired of fishermen telling me it needs to be outlawed. So what about Side Imaging, 360, Mega Side Imaging and Mega Down Imaging? But has LiveScope changed crappie fishing? Absolutely, but just in certain situations. LiveScope is another extraordinary tool, just like Side Imaging is a great tool  that allows a fisherman to put things together to find and catch fish. It’s here to stay.”

            Travis Bunting, 3-time National Champ, says, “There’s no doubt it is changing crappie fishing. It’s not only good for jigging stumps, but it’s also good for analyzing cover when slow trolling. It’s a great tool for targeting a fish, dropping a bait on its head and holding it there until he bites. I do worry a little bit about the future if fishermen get good enough at targeting the best fish. Time will tell if the quality of fish will eventually go down. I hope not.”