Shooting and Trolling Docks On Alabama’s Weiss Lake with Darrell Baker in May

u-phillips tip

In much of the South, May signals the time to start shooting docks. Darrel Baker who has been a fishing guide on Weiss Lake in Alabama for almost a decade explains, “My fishing clients and I will move from one dock to the next dock, and we leave our jigs hanging in the water as I use the trolling motor to move to the next dock. One time as I was moving, one of my clients caught a crappie, and then I did. I decided crappie must be suspending out in front of the docks before they moved under the docks. I also figured that since we were moving the boat when we caught those two crappie that the crappie out in front of the docks could be caught trolling. On my next trip, I rigged-up all my trolling poles and racks and started trolling in front of the docks I planned to shoot.

In late May, we’ve caught crappie trolling in front of the docks when we can’t catch the crappie shooting the docks.”

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