Jeremy Aldridge and Jason Daniels made a big jump at the Crappie Masters Championship to finish a strong seventh place. They did it by fishing beans and willow trees in 6 to 7 feet of water with baits at 3 feet.
Aldridge says, “The Silent Stalker ( played a big role in our success,” says Aldridge. “The Stalker is a padded material that goes under the front of the boat. What it does is get rid of boat slap due to wind and waves. The last half of the second day the wind came up and it really helped us keep catching fishing in the shallow water. It’s most important in shallow water but I like it all the time just for more quiet fishing.”
Being stealth and quiet when crappie fishing can be compared to deer hunting. Small bucks and does can be seen if you do a few things wrong. However, the bigger bucks won’t come out if you are not being stealth and doing everything right. Same with big crappie. If they know you are there from the wave slaps on your boat you’re likely not going to catch them.