Tip of the Month: Big Baits & Stealth   

“I’m still looking for a three-pound crappie. Arklabutla is the farthest north of the Mississippi lakes, so their spawn will be last, usually in April. I’ll be slow trolling 16-foot BnM Pro Staff Poles because we are catching bigger fish and I want the stiffness of those poles.

“Big baits are important. I’ll be using one or two 1/4-ounce jigheads, including a Crappie Magnet Thin Fin to add flash. My colors will be bright like orange-chartreuse, lime-chartreuse or black-chartreuse because the water is usually muddy in the spring. With a straight head I’ll be using a Muddy Water bait because the glow and built-in scent sets them apart. I will still tip with a minnow. I believe a couple of good scents are good by enhancing the chances of a big bite.

“A key to fishing shallow is to stay in a stealth mode. Be quiet and move slowly. I try to stay off my trolling motor. I’ll go with the wind and use a windsock.


Kent Driscoll is pro staff manager for BnM Poles and regularly competes in regional and national tournaments.