Tip of the Month: Hookset and Loose Drag

By Jason Sandage


“This spring the crappie will move up shallow. It can be difficult to hook and land crappie when fishing with long poles and only a few feet of line out.

“A big crappie will hit so hard they can tear the line out of their mouths. Only a few feet of line really don’t have stretch so we keep the reel drags very light. I still use a hard hookset but the drag keeps the hookset or the hard run of the crappie from tearing out, at least most of the time.

“I use a landing net 100 percent of the time with clients fishing with me. A fish flopping on top of the water will get off quickly. When I’m fishing by myself or with dad, we swing everything to into the boat but it takes practice to do that because you have to stick you pole butt down into the water or behind you.”

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