By David Jones

Crappie do not all spawn at the same time. Not at my home waters of Green River Lake, KY, or most other lakes and rivers across the country. The majority of the fish will be out away from the bank waiting to go in or are coming back out.
My best tip is to use good, sensitive poles and double-hook minnow rigs to slow troll. I prefer BnM poles and Capps/Coleman minnow rigs. Troll along the drop of a creek channel. Ease along and don’t worry about the brush. Troll right up to it. You can catch crappie on the drop or when you stop baits in the brush.
Pick a creek channel, go to drop-off, ease along and you’ll be successful catching March crappie.

David Jones and his partner won the 2014 Crappie USA Classic. He is a guide on Green River Lake, KY, and is sponsored by BnM Poles and others.