Tip of the Month: Power Trolling

by John Harrison


Fishing can be good here at Grenada after the spawn. Late May and early June can be an excellent time. We catch numbers of fish by power trolling. We use a 1-ounce sinker and Bobby Garland Baits. Last year we caught a ton of fish. They left the banks and were suspended. The power trolling lets a fisherman cover a lot of water with the baits in the strike zone.

We catch the same fish in the summer but they weigh less than during the spawn. A two pounder will probably weigh 1.60 to 1.70 pounds. We caught an 18 inch fish last summer and it weighed 2.64 pounds. I’ve never caught a three pounder in the summer and only a very few in the fall. However, the fishing can be great with good numbers of quality fish.


John Harrison owns JH Guide Service and has fished tournaments since 2004. He is sponsored by BnM Poles, War Eagle and others. (Facebook or phone 662-983-5999)