By Charles Bunting

“I run a 1/4-inch air line from the front of the boat to the back. I have a Mr. Bubblers in the back of the boat wired to my big battery. I have a switch to turn them on or off. So in front of the boat where we are fishing we have no noise while we aerate the minnows. It’s so much easier than listening to a noisy aerator. Also, we don’t have D-batteries going dead on us.
“Water temperature is very important. We keep our water below 70 degrees to keep our minnows alive. It’s the same on our fish in the livewell. We don’t run oxygen any more but with cool water, aeration, and no circulation pump on, we have no problem keeping fish or minnows alive.”

Charles Bunting, is from Missouri, partners with son Travis, and won the 2012 Crappie Masters National Championship. The team is pro staff for Power Pole, BnM Poles, Humminbird and others.