Tip of the Month – River Ledges

What Makes One River Ledge Better Than Another River Ledge with Darrell Baker

According to Baker, “I don’t know that one river ledge is better than another river ledge, but I do know that the ledges with the most structure on them produce more crappie and often bigger crappie than the ledges that have less structure on them. You may catch a crappie that is just relating to the water depth change on a river ledge. However, I’ve found that most crappie on a river ledge will be holding close to the structure that’s on the ledge. I’m not fishing just the drop-offs. I’m fishing the brush piles, stump rows and natural wood that have been washed into and holding against the river ledge. The colder the water gets, the more concentrated – schooled up – the crappie will be holding on that structure.”


To contact Baker, you can go to his website at www.weisslakecrappieguides.com, call his cell phone at 256-557-0129, or his email is Darrell@weisslakeguides.com.


To learn more about how to fish for crappie click here: http://johninthewild.com/books/#crappie.

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