Tip of the Month”: Shallow Fish by Sam Heaton  

An April tip in Florida is to find the fish moving back out. In Alabama, as long as the dogwoods are still blooming, you can catch fish on the bank. If they are still in shallow, you can catch the males. If you hand around the males long enough, you’ll catch some of the females, too. I like to float and fly so I can keep a distance from the fish. You can stay there and cull thought the fish. The more fish you catch the bigger fish you’ll end up with.

My outfit is two 1/16-ounce jigs with a balanced cork. It will show if they lift or take them down. I use a BnM 7-foot Super Sensitive. A good 7-foot rod can be used for casting, float and fly, pitching, jigging deep, pulling and other techniques. You don’t want to cheat yourself on either a crash helmet or good fishing rod, they are both important.


Sam Heaton guided at Lake Weiss Alabama before working many years with Johnson Fishing. He is BnM Pro Staff, host with the American Crappie Trail and lives and fishes in sunny Florida.