Tip of the Month: Single vs. Double Minnow Rigs

Single Minnow Rig Versus Double Minnow Rig with Darrell Baker

“I prefer to fish a single-minnow rig when I’m slow trolling on river ledges in the fall and winter months,” Darrell Baker says. “I like a single-hook minnow rig, because I don’t get hung-up as much as I do when I’m fishing a double-hook minnow rig. Because I don’t get hung-up as much, I believe I catch more crappie than I do with a double-minnow rig. If I’m fishing rocks or the brush not as dense as I usually find on the main river ledges, then I will fish a double-minnow rig. Also if I’m fishing for suspended crappie in the middle of a creek, then I may use a double-minnow rig.”

To contact Baker, go to his website at www.weisslakecrappieguides.com, cell phone at 256-557-0129, or his email Darrell@weisslakeguides.com.


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