Tip of the Month: Slow Trolling Cold Water

Slow trolling is just my way of fishing. It’s a good method for catching numbers of fish and seems to catch more big fish than other techniques. Its biggest advantage is that it’s the best for presenting live bait.
Poles are important with 16-footers getting the baits further from the boat so fewer fish are spooked. I use BnM Pro Staff with Capps/Coleman tips. Double-hook minnow rigs work best for me. It’s the basic rig everyone uses except I like my top leader to be about three inches long. The shorter leader means the indication of the bite is quicker compared to the longer leader. Setting the hook as soon as you see a bite is important so a quick strike indication helps. Hooks are size #4.
I’ve done the big minnow thing and they catch fish, but I prefer a little smaller minnow. They catch a lot of fish and when the fish are slow they’ll definitely catch more fish.

Editor’s note: Vic Finkley is a long-time Mississippi guide and tournament fisherman. You can contact him at 4 Lakes Guide Service Mississippi, 662-614-1371.