Two Way Fillet – Fish Cleaning System

            A big decision that most anglers have in the fishing world is whether or not to keep or release whatever species of fish they are pursuing. Anglers have help when it comes to filleting fish and while protecting themselves. The recently patented product, introduced by K&J Outdoor Products, LLC, solves several fish cleaning issues. The Two Way Fillet tool has been designed and tested with the 21 Century angler in mind. It is fast, safe, accurate and improves the consistency and efficiency of the fillet process. This fish cleaning tool works for all individuals making their fillet process safer and more efficient.

            Two Way Fillet is designed for the beginner as well as the most experienced angler. The main feature that makes this fillet board advanced and superior to all other fillet boards is it’s unique clamping system. This clamping method holds the fish mouth/lip, not its tail, clamping into the board, which means the angler has both hands free to filet the fish the way he or she likes to do. Many are calling the clap “the third hand” for filleting. The clamp creates an anchor point against which you cut through flesh and bones. It’s as easy as that.

            No more fish thumb, work with a relaxed fish and keep the fish on the board. The angler is able to pull up on the clamp while the fish is still anchored to the clamp and pull the fillet that needs the skin taken off onto the board. So go out there and Fillet a Better Way.