Jason Dudley, IllinoisQuestion asked during the Truman Lake Crappie Masters One-Pole tournament.

Jason Dudley, Illinois. “Most lakes have a thermocline in August. You can see it on your electronics. It will be a straight line and baitfish will be above it. The oxygen is better above the thermocline so that’s where the fish are going to be.”

Joe Bacon, Missouri. “Watch the color of the water and the shad. Water color that’s dark calls for darker baits while clearer water means lighter colors. Chase the shad. If you are in good shad just follow them around like the crappie do.”

John Shannon, Missouri. “Here on Truman Lake the hotter it gets the shallow the fish go. I’m guessing the shallow water becomes more important because of wave action putting more oxygen in the top layer of the water, but I’m not sure, I just know it works. No matter which lake you are on always fish above the thermocline.”

Scott Remefer, Missouri. “I love to fish any time of the year even in August. I fish tournament but I don’t consider any fishing trip to be competing against anyone because it’s a competition against Mother Nature. In August I’m jigging trees. My tip is if you get a bite on a jig it usually won’t hit it again, so follow it up immediately with a minnow.”

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