Where You Fish

Southwick Associates are leaders in angler, hunter and shooter surveys. They say recreational anglers cite a lot of reasons for choosing their favorite locations to fish, but one thing, it better be close to home.


60% proximity close to home

47% past fishing success

45% having a quiet place to fish

44% availability of fish

Other factors with lower percentages include water quality, friend or family recommendation, how much it costs to fish there, available parking, non-boat access, and size of the body of water.

“Fishing is an activity that can be enjoyed for an hour or two before or after work or school or when there is a little down time in a person’s life, so convenience and the ability to run out, fish and get back home are first and foremost in many angler’s minds,” says Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates, which designs and conducts the surveys. Efforts on behalf of the fishing community to bring fishing opportunities and access into suburban and urban neighborhoods my be a critical part of efforts to maintain fishing’s future.”

Fishermen can visit AnglerSurvey.com to participate in the bi-monthly surveys.